Local economy – years ago and nowadays

industrial picsOne of the most prominent and the highest objects in the town is a grain elevator, which towers over the Grodzisk Wielkopolski. The building had been established in the 1950s. Between the 1987-1989, 20 big containers produced in Czechoslovakia (“Vitkowice”) were added to the construction. Silos picHalf of them are still operational. Industrial landscape is also enriched by the high industrial buildings owned by the former pasture producing company (formerly it was “Bacutil”, currently – “De Heus”)

woda grodziska etykieta

Grodzisk Wielkopolski was also famous for factories operating within the food production branch of industry. In the year 1975, the construction of a mineral water production company was launched. This plant, being located near the Stanislaw Mikolajczyk Streed was producing numerous types of water and lemonade, collectively referred to as “Woda Grodziska” for almost 2 decades. Nowadays, this factory is a part of “Hoop” company. Moreover, products offered by the meat processing plant were of significant importance. Most of their buildings were located near the Powstańców Chocieszyńskich Street.

grodzisk beer

Grodzisk Wielkopolski was known for few centuries for its engagement in the brewery industry. In the 80s, numerous breweries producing beer were operating in the town. grodzisk brewery The biggest of them were located near the Poznańska Street and Powstańców Wielkopolskich Square. In the 1985, “Special light beer” was for the first time introduced to the market. Beside beer production, local breweries also focused on making malt, chemicals, and other materials used to produce hops.

POLMO Grodzisk Wlkp.

In the facilities formerly owned by the Polmo-FSR Company, which are located near the Rakoniewicka Street to , the upholstery for Polish “Tarpan” vans was produced. The main factory of these cars was situated in Poznan.

groclin-biuraAs a result of the changes in structure of service provision and industry in general, it is problematic to enumerate all the companies operating in the town, mainly due to the diversity of their sizes and offered services. A lot of companies operate in the Grodzisk’s Industrial Zone. Companies such as “Opal”, “Groclin” or “Dabex” are one of the most recognizable brands there. After some internal changes, the “Growag” Company is still operating (since 1972). It is the factory, which produces professional hydraulic dampers and upholstery for trains. „Wielkopolanka” Company (operating since 1950), which is employing mainly handicapped individuals, is also well recognizable.

pgnig grodzisk wlkpThe areas surrounding Grodzisk Wielkopolski are mainly occupied by the companies operating in gas excavation industry. In the village of Snowidowo, which is located 3 kilometers to the east from Grodzisk Wielkopolski, there are five gas mines belonging to the branch of the PGNiG Company operating in Zielona Góra. Gas mixing plant, laboratory, and nitrogen removal plant are all located here.