Railway station Grodzisk Wlkp.

Parowóz zimą Grodzisk Wlkp.While traveling by train from Poznań to Grodzisk Wielkopolski, one can observe that just before reaching the destination, the train starts to go round the town. Complex system of tracks leading to the station of Grodzisk WielkopolskiDiesel multiple unit is the effect of making consecutive tracks operational in a non-chronological manner. The first track, opened in 1881, was the one leading to Opalenica. 20 years later, it was extended and made it possible to reach Kościan. However, the connection to Wolsztyn was completed in 1905, and in 1909 the track leading to Poznań was finally opened.

underpass-grodziskAll the tracks that meet at the station were 1435mm in width, and therefore they may be defined as standard gauge railways. pociag-grodziskDuring the golden age of the rail transport, at the Grodzisk Wielkopolski station, there were 3 platforms connected by the underpass, the passage over the tracks, as well as a buffet in the hall of the railway station building. Currently, there are only 2 travelling directions for passengers. These are the lines to Poznań and Wolsztyn, maintained by the “Koleje Wielkopolskie” Company. Transportation services to Opalenica were cancelled in 1991 – 2 years after the withdrawal of the connections to Kościan.

kladka-grodziskGrodzisk Wielkopolskiszynobus-grodzisk is situated near the railroad that for many years used to be commonly used by steam trains as transportation service on regulary scheduled train connection. This connection for steam trains was is use even until 12th of december of 2013. Steam trains from the engine house in Wolsztyn were in normal every day usage on their way from the last operating engine house in Wolsztyn to station in Poznań. Currlently scheduled connections to Wolsztyn and Poznań are serviced by diesel multiple units.

Water tower Poland

Within the area of the Grodzisk Station, there are some remains of locomotive warehouses and a water tower. Until 2010, the station had a network of spur lines, which connected it to the most important industrial factories in the town. Especially in the 1980s., the freight trains were frequently used to deliver commodities to such factories as: mineral water company, feed production factory, and grain elevator.

Steam train Grodzisk Wlkp.The section of the rail tracks leading to Opalenica was dismantled in 2010, while the tracks leading to Kościan are still utilized by the Grodziska Kolej Drezynowa Association, which also gathers railway aficionados. The headquarters of the GDK is located 3 km from the town, at the area, which was formerly taken advantage of by the Ujazd Wielkopolski Station. The activities of the association include: keeping the track passable, promoting rail tourism in an active manner, and organizing railroad-related events.